CCTV Artificial Intelligence


The race is ‘ON’ for CCTV manufacturers to deliver the latest industry driver, Artificial intelligence, to their product portfolios. As we see a push from manufacturers to provide Artificial intelligence to their latest generation of cameras, what are the key benefits for customers?

So Artificial intelligence or AI is a popular buzzword at the moment, but how can the buzz help us solve our customer’s problems? Well, it’s in the definition. Artificial intelligence is the theory and development of computer programs that can do tasks and solve problems that usually require human intelligence.

By selecting industry-leading AI cameras, we can assist in the accurate metadata collection of people, cars, clothing style, masks, age, gender, glasses, hats, colour, and more, making it faster to search for specific objects than a standard video search alternatively, we can use the same objects to generate live alerts and notifications.

The benefit to every site is that AI will decrease the time spent on surveillance, allowing site operators to be more effective and successful in their own site-based tasks. AI will enable operators to concentrate on what they do best by eliminating the need to continuously monitor video displays and automate surveillance’s “Object Detection” role: verifying and acting on crucial incidents.