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In Technology, People Make All Difference.
"Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change." To understand how we make change, you first must understand our people.
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The Strength of Fortis is our people, the roles they play and what they achieve individually and as a collective team are all critical ingredients in our successful operation.

We strongly believe in inclusion and diversity. Not only does it align with our values, but it’s also at the core of our business success. Releasing the enormous potential of the different knowledge, abilities, experiences, and styles of our people enhances our ability to respond to our customers’ differing needs.
Our team comprises a diverse group of highly dedicated specialists who have a unique set of skills and a depth of local and international experience. We bring thought leadership and innovation to each stage of the asset lifecycle to support our customers to do more.

We attract and retain, the very best people to support our customers now and in the future.

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Our Security Team

Both our engineers and technicians specialise in security convergence; this refers to the intersection of two historically distinct security functions – physical security and information security within enterprises. Both physical security and information security are integral parts of any logical risk management program, and our team works closely with our customers to ensure both functions work collectively.  Whether using our Network, IT or Cyber engineers for design, deployment or auditing or deploying physical security like; Access Control, CCTV intrusion or Intercoms our team will support your needs and expectations.

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Our Cybersecurity Engineers

Our team will troubleshoot, identify unauthorised access, and offer solutions to your organisation’s systems and networks related to cybersecurity whenever or where ever you need it. Our Cyber engineers incorporate the latest in computer science, digital forensics, security policy and network defence to perform cybersecurity tasks for our customers. We design secure systems at the interface of operational technology, i.e. sensors or moving parts and information technology, i.e. digital devices like networks and PCs.

Our Data Science Engineers

Our data science team’s security-related expertise; data analytics, data collection, interpretation, and big data processing is unrivalled. This expertise has been used to develop custom solutions for customers and analytics providers alike. Our data sciences thrive on creating and extracting business-critical data and analytics.

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Our Software Development Engineers

Our Software development team has in-depth knowledge and experience in integrating Security convergences, including Access Control Systems, CCTV, Building management, Network applications, Cloud Platforms and Services, Cyber, IT Operation platforms and many more. Our team will workshop operational outcomes with our customer’s to define what is required. We then design and deploy custom solutions that meet our customer needs. Here are just some of the integrations completed.


Umberto Tosti

Managing Director

With over 25 years of security industry knowledge and experience, I’ve had the privilege of working in several national and international roles and industry verticals. As Managing Director for Fortis Security, my current position is to ensure that our employees and customers experience is positive and productive.
We are proud to have a reputation for technical excellence as a result of our people and culture. We invest in our people as we see this investment as an investment in our customers. We want to build a legacy to be proud of, so we strive to deliver the highest standards every day.

Liam Nolan

Sales Director

With an extensive background in sales and commercial operations, I’ve held senior commercial roles in Australia and across the Asia Pacific region. This work has led me to my current role at Fortis Security where I am responsible for the sales operations. As a hands-on leader, I’m committed to performance by supporting and inspiring employees and colleagues to help them achieve great things and feel proud of the work that they do every day. At Fortis Security, we are committed to performance with integrity, where doing what is right for our customers is at the heart of every decision we make.

Brendan McFarland

Operations Director

I have been involved within the Security Industry for over 10 years during which time I have held various Technical, Operational and Management roles. Having worked at a well-known Australian access control manufacture as an Enterprise Specialist I am well positioned to advise on a large scale and highly redundant systems. I enjoy applying my IT, product and management experience in designing and delivering the best solution to fulfil our client’s needs.