In October 2019, i-PRO became independent from Panasonic to establish the Image Sensing Business named Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Co., Ltd.

The word “i-PRO” in the company name implies that we are professionals who are firmly committed to provide imaging, intelligence, and integration.


Panasonic i-Pro strive to capture moments of underlying truth to better support the decisions of those professionals who protect and save lives, providing a safer and more peaceful world.


Panasonic i-Pro have taken on this challenge to develop technological solutions that extend human senses with innovations that inform and protect, even in the most challenging environments.


Panasonic i-Pro envision a future where it’s possible to prevent unfortunate events. A future striking unmet medical conditions to improve the lives of millions of people.


Panasonic i-Pro will be a trusted partner, focusing on the needs of our partners and customers to help create a safer and more peaceful world.